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Three Golfers

Three Golfers Enamel Mug

  • $33.00

This new design comes to you courtesy of a May 2022 suggestion from South Australian CustOMER Andrew Baker. Here's what Andrew had to say in his email:

"Having bought a number ‘Atari Golf Guy’ T shirts over the years, I was wondering whether you might be interested in an update (of a golfing kind) to your T shirt collection.

Attached to this message is an image of three golfers taken from a set of 1930s cigarette cards: Messrs. Tiger, Everyman and Rabbit. Also attached is one of the cards from which they were taken. I think they would look great, either singly, or as a group, on a T shirt. Or even, showing the front and/or back of a single card in one image.

I have a full set of 36 of these cards, the narratives of which were written by one of the best-ever writers on golf, Bernard Darwin (co-incidentally, the grandson of Charles Darwin). They explain how these three golfers, each of differing abilities, might play 36 famous golf holes. Mr Tiger coolly takes the brave route in a nonchalant manner, usually with spectacular results; Mr Everyman often takes a stupid risk beyond his skills and ends up angry and frustrated; while Mr Rabbit (my favourite) always plays timidly and within his abilities, and sometimes ends up unflappably searching for his lost ball.

Being strong archetypes, I think most golfers will recognise the strengths and weaknesses of this charming trio."

Enamel mug with metal lip. 80mm tall x 85mm wide.
Mug made in China. Design applied in Australia.

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