Northern Light Bubbles

  • $72.00

Three organic Australian beeswax tealights within three reusable glass "Light Bubbles." What a great gift.

We’ve been working with Jeffrey at Northern Light since early in the Millenium. We love his product. The light from this pristine beeswax is like no other candle light and Jeffrey, as a beekeeper himself for decades, has long been well positioned to source large amounts of beeswax via the relationships with Australian beekeepers that he has nurtured for decades.

The Light Bubble is a Northern Light innovation, and the most economical way of generating a lot of light from a tiny beeswax candle. Made from hand-blown German glass, this candle holder will burn out every drop of wax. The light reflects through both of the curved glasses; the bottoms and sides, and through the molten, golden wax.

Northern Light’s famous beeswax tealight is guaranteed to burn for 7 to 8 hours.

Refills available HERE.

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