Illuminati Notebook

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Hard to know what to write about this one. Our preliminary research threw up all sorts of information about: Great Seals, Freemasons, All-Seeing Eyes, unfinished Pyramids, the US Treasury ... and various ancient societies hell bent on taking over the world.

Also, for a reason that we're yet to fully understand, you will find this symbol on the US One Dollar Bill.

US One Dollar Bill

Maybe it's enough to extract an email from one of our copyright attorneys: "The write-ups on the US currency symbol say it is derivative of the Freemasons' symbol. Hard to imagine anyone could hold rights to something so derivative and old and I am sure it has been used here and there or things very close to it without big repercussions, probably by t-shirt makers! It is not a replication of the entire dollar bill or even one side of it and so anything having to do with that would be inapplicable. This may be one where Remo's earlier training as a lawyer is giving him eyestrain and heartburn where neither is warranted."


Finally, this one is a real joint CustOMER effort. Jonathan Face approached us with the idea to put the image on a REMO T Shirt, and Greg Bakes helped us with the design execution. Thanks ... and enjoy.

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