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Shopping List Fridge Magnet

  • $20.00

This Shopping List Fridge Magnet is an updated revival of a near identical REMO branded offer from 1995. Do you remember it? It was a big hit back then, and we expect that it will be a big hit again.

The magnetic bit is effectively a memory prompter. It lists just about anything that you would need to buy at the supermarket or shops ... all broken down conveniently into the following categories: Food Staples, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat & Fish, Dairy, Fresh Herbs, Herbs & Spices, Deli & Other, Drinks, Bathroom, Home General, Infotainment & (the mysteriously titled) Don't Forget. The more obvious and higher priority things are listed in red ... so that you can do a quick scan as an alternative to browsing through it line by line.

A Shopping List Pad slots into the magnetic bit and hangs down at the ready ... 25 post plantation pulp pages at your beck and call.

Refill pads are available online at any time.

How very convenient!

P.S: All of the people that we've shown the studio sample of the Shopping List Fridge Magnet have uttered almost the exact same words i.e. "Oh my God. This is great. My mother would LOVE to get one of these!" Sexism or merely an acknowledgment of maternal wisdom?

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