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Fisher Space Pens | Black Ink Refills

  • $13.00

Paul C Fisher spent over US$2 million dollars of his own money to achieve his objective of a writing instrument that would perform in the weightlessness of space. Selected by NASA in 1967 for use on the Apollo Missions. Now used on all manned space flights: American & Russian.

Instead of the ink dropping via gravity, the Fisher Space Pen's ink is fed by pressurised nitrogen. Apart from its ability to work in space (probably not a key feature for most of us) this, along with its better tungsten carbide ball, makes it one of the smoothest writing and most reliable ballpoints around. Also (and this is key) it writes: on all surfaces, in the freezing cold (-30F), in extreme heat (+250F), at any angle, upside down, and even under water. Notes left on front doors and crossword puzzles in bed are a breeze.

At REMO we are happy to present you with three options, all in the classic chrome finish: the Silver Bullet with Clip, the Original Astronaut (push/click to open, best for shirt pockets), and (for people who don't lose things), the Infinium Pen ... filled with so much of the special Fisher ink that it is guaranteed to keep writing for the life of the owner. If it ever runs out, it will be replaced by Fisher free of charge. Now that's an offer

Finally, if you need a refresher course on why Fisher Space Pens are the world's most reliable, check out this short video:

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