THINK Sign Canvas Totes

  • $35.00

This sign was sent to us by longtime CustOMER Mitch Yates. Thanks Mitch. We're putting it to good use.

IBM legend Tom Watson Snr first used the "THINK" slogan to rev up the sales troops at NCR, where he worked before joining IBM in 1914. He disciplined salesmen with this (now not-so-scary) line: "'I didn't think' has cost the world MILLIONS of dollars." [Very Dr Evil.]

Watson took the motto with him to IBM and a famous photo portrait of Watson Snr, glaring from his desk beneath the "THINK" logo, helped scare the competition in the forties.

More inspiring than scary if you ask us.


Made from 100% cotton canvas this bag features reinforced shoulder straps.
Available in a natural cream colour.
One size. The main body measures 38cm x 40cm

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