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Bondi Waffle Weave Towel

  • $75.00

Bondi Design Story HERE

Great for the sauna. Packs lightly for the beach. Dries fast.

Here's a BONDI version of our Plain Waffle Weave Towel made up from a very finely woven 100% cotton fabric that we have sourced here in Australia.

It's an interesting one. The fabric is fine (much lighter than regular hotel room waffle weave) but still quite absorbent (especially after washing). This makes the towels very easy to pack and very quick to dry; perfect for travelling.

Tea Towels for the Body ... or as another CustOMER has suggested: Body Wipes. (Other nicknames welcome!)

We headed down to the ocean pool at the Bondi Icebergs to give our towels a workout. Even Olympian Neil Rogers (Munich 1972 & Montreal 1976) was there poolside to road test. Lookin' good Coach!

So, why wear a sarong with questionable graphics and only marginal absorption when you can go cool with one of designs on a Waffle Weave Towels wrapped around your: waist, shoulders, wet hair, etc.

As mentioned, the waffle weave fabric is 100% cotton ... woven fine. Everything is made for us here in Sydney where our production coordinator gets to cast her keen eyes over every detail. Towel features include: flat rolled edges & rouleau hanging loops.

Towel dimensions: 145cm x 90cm

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