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Canvas Sun Hats

  • $75.00

This was one of our very earliest developments under the REMO brand, and is unchanged in design since first introduced to our Darlinghurst General Store CustOMERs in 1991.

The REMO Canvas Sun Hat, although not a fashion item, has probably been our most copied product ... although the imitators never got it quite right with the width of the brim or quality of the make.

Made by hand here in Sydney by the same master milliner that used to make for us back in the Darlinghurst days! (See, we're not the only people doing the same thing after almost 30 years.)

100% cotton canvas. Rim-stitched for extra strength. Lined with cotton. Made to be scrunched up and shoved in a bag. Made to last. Just in time for summer.

One adult sizes fits most.

NB: Thanks to the guys down at the Bondi Icebergs Pool for the impromptu early morning modelling session back in 2007. Dion's involvement is especially relevant. His REMO Canvas Sun Hat (worn continuously for 17 years) had finally fallen apart. We have managed to get him a replacement hat just in time ... and now again in 2016.

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