Tempus Fugit Postscript

Tempus Fugit Postscript

That 2017 wallplanner can't come soon enough it seems. See last week's post HERE. For that post we had forgotten to mention our son Roman's home made version ... seen here on his bedroom wall.

Roman's Homemade Wallplanner

What's more, I just got off the phone to Aivi our designer ... suggesting that she set up the template ready for the data. It turns out she already has it!

For all of these down years she has been generating her own personal mini wallplanner for the back of her notebook.

This REMO product has been sorely missed. Comment on Facebook HERE.

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YAY!!! How excited am I? I made my own for 2013 and have been living without one since then. No other planner works like tempus fugit. Believe me, I have searched everywhere. My life will return to order once I have my 2017 one in my hands. :)

Jennifer Crawford

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