REMORANDOM | Coming in 2023

Let's print something!

REMO was famous for its biannual mail order catalogues. They won lots of international awards. People loved and collected them. US Catalog Age voted them "Best in the World" in 1991.

Says Nancy Friedman, long time CustOMER and Editorial Director for Banana Republic in its heyday: "The REMO catalog knocked me flat. It was perfection: beautifully designed, thoughtfully and cleverly written." Read a delightful synopsis of Nancy's long-running CustOMER experience HERE.

The last REMO Catalogue was printed in 1995 … and the good news is this: in 2023 we will be returning REMO to print … but this time it will be different. They will be catalogues … not of products, but rather “catalogues of interesting”.

REMORANDOM will be a printed  biannual curation of snack-sized facts, observations, stories and ideas designed to inform and entertain a global audience of curious readers. Everything Interesting.

We’ve written most of the content for REMORANDOM #1, an eclectic mix drawing on a diverse range of topics relating to: culture, history, science, design, ideas, nature, people and things. What’s so special about the Swiss Railway Clock or the Emeco Navy Chair? What do thousands of hardy Dutch people do on New Years Day? Who was Nosey Bob? What does SOS stand for? What’s Rock of Eye?

We plan to publish two books per annum starting with #1 in the second half of 2023; and, to that end, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in early April 2023. We've been successful with Kickstarter before e.g. our 2014 campaign to fund the publication of General Thinker was backed by 500 people and resulted in a book that sold more than 5,000 copies, including 2,000 to TED in New York who included it as part of the TED Book Club distribution in 2015. A rare honour.

REMORANDOM "catalogues of interesting", although sharing the same design format as General Thinker, will present content that is more generally appealing.

Watch Michiel from Utrecht explain the universal appeal of REMORANDOM HERE.

We are developing some exciting rewards and treats for REMORANDOM kickstarters and Subscribers. Be sure to join our mailing list (below) to receive notifications as we draw closer to launch.