• Eastside FM Radio, Arts Friday | 7 June 2024

    Remo joined Claudia Chan Shaw as co-pilot for her weekly Arts programme. They chatted at length about a selection of RR#2 stories. Remo joined Claudia at the 17:45 mark.

    Listen to the Programme Here 
  • Switzer Daily | 6 June 2024

    Remo was invited by business website Switzer Daily to explain why REMORANDOM is resonating with the innovation community. Get outside your algorithm. The best new idea for your business or life might come from a printed book.

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  • Shifter Media | 19 April 2024

    Lovely blog post about Remo, his creativity and Bondi by US-based photographer Daniel Milnor for Shifter Media. This one goes straight to The Pool room (pun intended).

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  • Esquire Australia | 1 March 2024

    Christopher Riley, Editor-in-Chief for Esquire Australia distills some pearls of learning from his interview with Remo (who would like it to be known has increased his daily Icebergs pool lap count from 10 to 20 ;)

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  • The Daily Heller | 8 December 2023

    A generous and articulate review from the venerable Steven Heller: author, co-author and editor of over 200 books on design and popular culture and a senior art director at The New York Times for 33 years.

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  • AFR Magazine | 8 December 2023

    "Former retailer and master curator Remo Giuffré finds fascination in the everyday and has found a way to share this “uncommon knowledge”. ~ Stephen Todd, Design Editor

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  • Wheeler Book Review | 29 November 2023

    Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet Publications, reviews REMORANDOM #1 for his blog, listing 10 of his favourite chapters.

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  • Remo the Great Curator, ALMANAK | 15 November 2023

    "Remo Giuffré is a man who curates things, ideas and even people." In this interview with ALMANAK founder Crispy Blackall, Remo talks about the "golden thread" that connects his work.

    Read the Article and Interview 
  • Onsman Book Review | 3 November 2023

    "Erudite and delightfully written. A hidden social history of mankind, a language of ideas and creativity that lies behind concepts from the most mundane to the most eccentric."

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  • Eastside FM Radio, Arts Friday | 27 October 2023

    Remo was interviewed by Claudia Chan Shaw for her weekly Arts programme for Eastside FM Radio. They chatted at length about a selection of RR#1 stories.

    Listen to Conversation Here 
  • Switzer TV | 26 October 2023

    In this interview with Peter Switzer, Remo explains the genesis of REMORANDOM with a focus on the value of "randomness" as a driver of new ideas and creativity.

    Watch on YouTube Here 
  • The Australian, Books Review | 14-15 October, 2023

    Caroline Overington, Literary Editor for The Australian was there for the launch of RR#1 at Ariel Books in Paddington on 10 October 2023, the 35th birthday of REMO.

    Click to View Her Report 
  • REMORANDOM Launch | 10 October 2023

    On Tuesday 10 October a small group of journalists and others gathered at Ariel Books to launch the REMORANDOM book series. Here are the speeches.

    Watch Launch Speeches 
  • Simon Crerar, Smart Company | 2 October 2023

    "In news to delight fans of serial entrepreneurs everywhere, Remo Giuffré, founder of iconic Sydney retail store REMO and TEDxSydney, is back with an exciting new product."

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  • Caroline Overington, The Australian | 25 September 2023

    "I’m not quite sure how to describe this book, other than to say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and exhilarating."

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  • ABC Radio National | 24 September 2023

    Remo was interviewed by Julian Morrow on the Sunday Extra programme. They talked about RR#1, with a focus on Splayds.

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  • Remo on Studio 10 | 8 May 2023

    Remo got to promote his then upcoming REMORANDOM book series in a Studio 10 segment on Monday 8 May 2023.

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  • Remo the Storyteller, SMH | 25 March 2023

    "Thirty years ago, he ran arguably the coolest shop in Sydney. Now entrepreneur Remo Giuffre is launching a Kickstarter campaign for his next project, which he hopes will 'inspire, entertain and delight'."

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  • How REMO Remade Itself — Again | 7 December 2022

    "This is the story of a retail brand that in its 34-year history has gone under not once but twice, and somehow, remarkably, is thriving in its third act."

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Archival Commentary

The REMO media file is thick, and somewhat disorganised : ) Curating a selection from the past 35 years will take time. Meanwhile, here are some examples, including an early feature from HQ Magazine in 1991, a piece from The Bulletin in 2000, one from New York's PAPER Magazine in 2005 and a spread from The Lovemarks Effect, a book by then Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts in 2006. More CustOMER love HERE.


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PAPER Magazine | USA | 18 July 2005
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PAPER Magazine | USA | 18 July 2005
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