CustOMER Love

Don't take our word for it. CustOMERs love REMO.

Sometimes clarlty comes from outside. Nancy Friedman, a long time SF-based CustOMER, wrote about her long-running REMO experience in a blog post entitled: "How REMO Remade Itself ... Again".

In 2004 REMO was voted the 16th most loved brand in the world by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi on their Lovemarks website.

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Here's  a selection of archival CustOMER comments (aw ... shucks):

Love it All with a Passion
"I love REMO, coz REMO loves me. It's as simple as that. I love every single REMO item I have ever owned or gifted with a passion. Yeah."
 ~ Megan | New Zealand | CustOMER Since 1993

Guaranteed Hits
"In a world full of "throw-away" items, REMO's own brand is quite unique ... the quality is unsurpassed, and the designs are timeless. To give a gift from REMO is a guaranteed hit, to receive one an absolute delight."
 ~ James | Sydney | CustOMER Since 1989

Places & Times Long Forgotten
"REMO is a Tardus that transports me back to places & times long forgotten, and holds promise of yet-to-be-imagined new delights."
 ~ Tracy | Australia | CustOMER Since 1991

Remarkably Compelling
"The REMO Global Community was initially as much an expression of Remo (the person) and his values and passions as it was (and still is) an organic gathering of like minded people. What makes the General Store so remarkably compelling is not just the fun stuff and fascinating editorial, but the collective heart and soul that shines through, just as other web speculators and merchandisers rush on to the Web to unload almost anything they can to make a quick buck. Experiencing REMO and the Global Community General Store is like attending a big party and spending fine time with good friends. No Riddle here, Remo/REMO works from the heart."
 ~ Randy | United States | CustOMER Since 1997

Inspired & Inspiring
"The original REMO General Store was an oasis of quality in a world awash with feculent ephemera. As a student I went there to find inspiration as much as any product. That kernel of commitment to things inspired and inspiring continues in their online presence. I go to the REMO site and feel like someone has tapped into my brain and brought together just the things that I might enjoy."
Christine | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

The Antithesis of Blah
"REMO is the antithesis of blah, an online Aladdin's cave, the essence of must have and always, but always ... fun. It's a reminder of a misspent youth, the excitement of providing the perfect gift and knowing that the recipient will not be able to resist REMO-ing in return. Love is a REMO Stripey Thing."
 ~ Marcia | Australia | CustOMER Since 1990

Quality Unsurpassed
"REMO products are imbued with a certain passion, have an individuality and quality unsurpassed, and are loved by all."
 ~ Diana | CustOMER Since 1992

Dash of Serendipity
"REMO General Store - when I was a teenager I loved their eclectic catalogues full of great T shirts and amazing things from around Australia and around the world. REMO isn't just a store, it's a community of folk who love the interesting and useful. Customer suggestions and ideas drive the product range. Retailing with a dash of serendipity. Extraordinary things, now international, thanks to the internet."
 ~ Joy | Australia | CustOMER Since 1993

Grace & Good Humour
"REMO is one of the first Australian businesses where the owner literally wore his heart on his sleeve, became the brand, included his people in every aspect of the business with a sense of grace and good humour that drew the customer into the family. It didn't matter if you bought a t-shirt or not, you were still part of the experience. Love it."
 ~ Michael | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

Growing Old Together
"I came of age and moved into my first apartment at the same time REMO General Store opened Its doors for the first time in Darlinghurst Sydney. People always said that REMO was 10 years ahead of its time, and was sorely missed when they were forced to shut the (original) store down... When Remo reinvented the concept via the internet and later the store in Bondi, I was back like a shot to replace all my dearly loved (and thread-bare) Items. I grew up with REMO and I hope we can grow old together."
 ~ Andrew | United Kingdom | CustOMER Since 1988

Quintessentially Sydney
"Quality, uniqueness and its own sense of style. Lacks pretentions and is quintessentially Sydney ... Laidback and practical. It has made it as a global brand and continues to inspire despite being off the scene for a while."
 ~ Pascale | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

History & Life Story
"REMO encompasses passion, quality and innovation for what it sells. You're not just purchasing a product or item, you're purchasing its history and life story."
 ~ Kylie | Australia | CustOMER Since 1994

Must be Love
"After years of poring through my coveted REMO catalogues, an interstate move prompted their demise. I reasoned that because I could no longer order the perfect gift for friends or myself, I was only tormenting the shopaholic in me. The long resisted purchase of a home computer (kicking and screaming) coincided with the serendipitous discovery that REMO was back. Reading joyful notes from other ex-REMO lovers validated the earlier feelings of loss. It must be love."
 ~ Shari | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

So Suitable
"REMO's products are imbued with a certain passion, have an individuality and quality unsurpassed, and loved by all. With two minutes to catch the mail to send Christmas gifts to family and friends overseas, I was able to buy unique items, so suitable for the recipients: a pocket warmer for my golf-crazy step-mother in freezing Devon, UK, a sculptural ice-cream scoop for my ice-cream-crazy father with an eye for aesthetics, and a fun game, Pass the Pigs, for my flamboyant friend who until he received his gift, had nearly everything."
 ~ Diana | Australia | CustOMER Since 1990

Madcap Concoction
"Where else would you go to get your sealing wax? REMO continues to amaze and amuse us with a madcap concoction of esoterica that appeals to the collector living inside all of us."
 ~ David | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

Cool Steel
"REMO is cool. The shaving soap I got from them delights me each morning as I place steel to the skin of my neck in the daily shaving ritual."
 ~ Geoff |  United States | CustOMER Since 2001

Always Close at Hand
"REMO has been my darling for many years. REMO's things are truly things of funk and beauty. I live better because REMO is always close at hand."
 ~ Michael | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

Brilliant Customer Service
"REMO has given brilliant customer service from it first day. It continues to excel in the way it evocatively speaks to every customer. Whether they've bought something or not. It's all about believing in the 'idea'."
Katie, Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

Love Affair Renewed
"As Melbourne residents, we first found REMO through its original award-winning catalogue. The catalogue was so great we guessed the T shirts would also be fabulous. We bought them seriously for years, then sadly REMO disappeared. Now our love affair is renewed. Upside-down pineapple T's are the newest addition to our horde of REMO T-shirts."
 ~ Nola | Melbourne | CustOMER Since 1991

Part of Something Bigger
"Wearing, using, buying & giving Remo makes me feel part of something bigger. A great store & brand with community feel that thankfully hasn't been lost on conversion to the Internet. Remo definitely says something I like..... Quality? Quirky? Unique? Perhaps even Australian?"
 ~ Chantal | Australia | CustOMER Since 1989

Love & Imagination
"I love Remo (& Mrs Remo, and all the little Remos) because he gives me what I want (but not for free), and he shows me what can be done with love and imagination."
 ~ Jon | Australia | CustOMER Since 1988

Shopping at Remo
"I went shopping at REMO almost every week when it was a store and loved the whole vibe. I fell in love with a man who happened to work with on the fantastic windows displays. I was then able to go and spy on this wonderful man working in my favourite store, shop and have a coffee with him, it was heaven. That was ten years ago, the store sadly closed. The happy ending is that I married that man and am still blissfully happy and I can now shop on line at REMO again."
 ~ Carla | Australia | CustOMER Since 1988

Works for Me
"They've done it again! Somehow, REMO manages to encourage me to behave completely contrary to how I usually would and quite irrationally. I can only recall one occasion where I have emailed friends to encourage them to log onto a particular website to look around, sign-up and purchase and now I find myself posting comments on why I love this brand! Bizarre. While the REMO products are great and I first bought there in the early 1990's, I also like what the company stands for. Intellectually it works for me. And most importantly, this is a brand that practices what it preaches... not only is it a great place to shop, it is a great place to get inspired and to see that it is possible to make a difference to people's lives in some small way by acting with integrity and passion."
Cate | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

I Fell in Love
"Quirky, contemporary and unique. I fell in love with the original Darlinghurst store as a backpacker in 1992. I still keep their award winning catalogue from way back then as bathroom literature. They also initiated my collection of Cornish blue pottery with their simple blue stripey mug. Love them."
 ~ Maureen | Canada | CustOMER Since 1992

Striking a Chord of Delight
As far as I'm concerned, the world is simply a better place with REMO General Store in it again. I've lost count of the amount of people that I've raved about REMO to over the years. Their philosophy of absolute commitment to quality in both product & service is something that I identify with strongly. If you're the type of person who tends to buy the best available in the knowledge that it will outlast the alternatives, or if you love quirky things that strike a chord of delight in your mind then this is the place for you!"
 ~ Amanda | Australia | CustOMER Since 1990

So Happy
"When I was in Australia on business, I always went into REMO General Store for its unusual items and hard to find items. I was there when they first opened in 1988. I am so happy that they are now online and I have access to items that are either very unusual or very hard to get."
 ~ Rev Dr John | United States | CustOMER Since 1991

Simply the Best
"I have been shopping at REMO ever since I 'found' the original store in Sydney some years ago. I am an avid supporter of the brilliant and innovative gifts and ideas they have to offer. I am a firm believer in the REMO T Shirt and it is embarrassing how many I have in my wardrobe! REMO is simply the best."
 ~ Nicholas | Australia | CustOMER Since 1992

Brief Ode to REMO
"In the ether of the night your imagination is my sight, to my spirit you are song, my soul soars with you along, in your tribe I now belong."
 ~ Mare | Australia | CustOMER Since 2002

Explore, Discover, Learn & Purchase
"I have been a customer of REMO General Store since 1994. Nowhere else inspires me as much to explore, discover, learn and purchase! I have a great collection of REMO goods and T shirts and so do my family and friends - 100% loyalty, 100% purchases!"
 ~ Sarah | Australia | CustOMER Since 1994

Rekindled Relationship
"I was passionately in love with REMO. Then it left me. I was forced to face the world without the best cotton T shirts I'd ever had. To go through endless birthday and Christmas celebrations without the comfort and joy of knowing I could find that special gift. Running into REMO again has rekindled a relationship."
 ~ Pamela | Australia | CustOMER Since 1993

Inspiring Passion
"REMO is an abiding joy that can be quietly visited alone or with friends. Far more than the general store it purports to be, REMO adds quality, creativity, humour and community to the mix, baking up a cultural touchstone in the process. The precise attraction of the store is indefinable, and yet there is no doubt that people love the merchandise, the belonging, and the mind behind it all. The REMO General Store is a place that inspires passion in many hearts."
 ~ Adam | Australia | CustOMER Since 2000

Archetypal Lovemark
"Almost defying description, this legendary store and mail order catalogue dates from Sydney 1988. Sank, now resurfaced. Go to the website and read customers' comments: news of its re-birth is like oxygen to their lungs. This is Passion Beyond Loyalty, the archetypal Lovemark."
 ~ Stan | Australia | CustOMER Since 1993

Finally, here's a treat. Lovely email received from a CustOMER in response to a thank you note sent to her for backing the REMORANDOM Kickstarter campaign as a Patron.