Body Tag Design

Body Tag Design

Some of you will recognise this as html (a coding language for the web). A translation for the front might be: "body starts now" and for the back: "body ends now."

This is a CustOMER idea. On 28 February 2003 Zoe Wolfendale (CustOMER Since 2000), posted this message in our Merchandise Development Forum:

"I have a geeky idea, but this [Forum] will not let me type html for it to show. Will publish .gifs to show you." [and then a couple of days later:] "here are the images for the geeky t-shirt ... A cute idea, when walking towards someone it is the open body tag, then close as you walk away."

A bit of to'ing and fro'ing ensued between Zoe and a bunch of other CustOMER geeks with views about size, font, etc.

HERE is the result.


PS: Here is an example of taking this idea too far.

Body Tag T Shirts HERE

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