Life is Simpler in a Uniform

Life is Simpler in a Uniform

There's something to be said in support of a uniform.

Remo wears pretty much the same thing every day ... and a core piece of that uniform is the plain black REMO T Shirt. Soft, 100% cotton. Reinforced with shoulder to shoulder taping for quality and durability. Classic skinny ribbed neckline.

He explains the strategy thus in Chapter 87 of his book General Thinker:

"So, what’s the deal? Why do I do this?

 I actually find it liberating. Not having to think about what I’m going to be wearing every day frees me up to think and obsess about other things that are more important to me. I reckon you pick your battles, and fashion was not something that I have ever had any interest in. I respect others for whom that is not the case, but for me any attention paid to the twists and turns of the fashion cycle is a waste of creative energy and inspiration."

So, maybe you should give it a shot ... and we're willing to help out with some incentive.

$120 will buy you enough T Shirts for a whole work week ... because we're going to throw in your Friday T Shirt for FREE.

Use the code 5ISFREE as you checkout ... order 5 plain t shirts and we'll credit your cart with A$30, the full cost of a plain REMO T Shirt.

Plain REMO T Shirts for Men or Women HERE

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I love the simplicity and elegance of your designs.. but no longer wear short sleeves .. I would LOVE a Remo T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves!!




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