Loved Mum RIP

Loved Mum RIP

Remo here. Just a note to let you all know that my Mum died not so long ago. Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook at the time. We had the funeral service and wake for her yesterday here in Sydney.

On the one hand it feels a bit funny to be putting this personal information into a blog post; but on the other hand, Mum knew that the CustOMER network was also family of sorts for me, and I reckon she would have been OK with me letting you all know.

Mum's relationship with REMO goes right back to before Day One. When, in 1988, and having recently returned from the US as a newly minted MBA, I decided to launch the REMO General Store in Darlinghurst, she was initially a bit confused. Says Mum: 

“Darling, you’ve got three degrees, and you’re opening a shop. Please help me understand.”

Telling the Mum Story at Wired for Wonder in 2015

But despite this early reticence, Mum quickly converted and indeed she became our biggest customer. She would basically buy one of everything.

Cheryle Lanthois, our veteran store manager in Darlinghurst, recently had this to say on Facebook: 

"Dearest Remo, a sad day for you and your whole family. Your mother was such a kind, gracious and welcoming lady who always had time for everyone. And also made a great biscotti.

Yes indeed, Mum was the not-so-secret maker of the very popular toasted almond bread that we served and sold in our cafe in those days; and not once did she accept any payment for a delivery. If only all of our suppliers had been so inclined :)

Mum displayed loyalty (sometimes beyond reason) for all of her family’s dreams and projects ... and was a great supporter of my various entrepreneurial endeavours.

She was loyal and she was steadfast.

For me the most apt image of Mum is a photo of her wearing one of our apron designs in 1992. We used it year after year in our catalogues. Printed across the front was a purple ribbon containing the single word LOVED.

Which is the one word that most certainly applies to my Mum.

LOVED … Marie Giuffre. Rest in Peace.

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