REMO Store Archival Footage

REMO Store Archival Footage

Here's a weekend treat:

This recently unearthed (and unedited) raw footage documenting all 3 floors of REMO in action was shot by Peter Cox on Thursday 9 December 1993. That was a particularly busy trading period during which REMO achieved sales in excess of A$1M for the month … an extraordinary level of sales from a single store with an in-house mail order service. Watch for REMO alumni (in order of appearance): Katerina Skvorc, Janet Pankoff, David, Cheryle Lanthois, Karen Lee McDonald, Effie Eftimiou, TBA, Tess in Café, TBA, Tania Quax, Liz Akers, Meg Mitchell, Judy Gold , Helen, Netti, Katrina Sedgwick & Cressida White.

00:00 to 05:20: Ground Floor Retail
05:20 to 06:10: Lower Ground Floor
06:10 to 10:40: Café & LG
10:40 to 13:20: Meg's Mail Order Tour < Recommended!
13:20 to 14:00: Back Office
14:00 to 17:20: Externals


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