We told you last week that BIG changes were afoot. Well, the REMOLUTION is upon us. Welcome to Next Generation REMO and an exciting new leg of our development journey.

The range of design options available to you has exploded, literally overnight; and, for the first time ever, thanks to an exciting partnership with Auckland based AS Colour, you are now able to order our classic portfolio of designs in long sleeved versions and on coloured T Shirts. T Shirts for Kids and Babies are also back after a 20 year absence; and Tea Towels are back for the first time since 1995!

Our new ranges include:

But that's only part of the story.

We've also remolutionised the way that our designs are printed onto the T Shirts. We have partnered with a smart young company in Victoria, and they are using the latest direct-to-garment technologies to print our designs directly into the cotton fabric, resulting in a look and feel that is very hard to distinguish from silk screening. So, no more transfers which sometimes suffered from a rubbery feel, and occasionally suffered some degradation in the wash.

We've done some testing, and we're really happy with the results. Here's Lola's partner Gijs visiting from Rotterdam and modelling some samples in our North Bondi apartment.

We are launching with 30 or 40 of our most popular designs, which is around 25% of our portfolio. We'll be adding the rest of the designs over the coming weeks. (NB: If your favourite design is missing let us know and we'll push it to the front of the queue.)

One thing to note (and you can read more about it in our FAQ section) all REMO T Shirts are now made to order, and are therefore not able to be returned or exchanged for any reasons other than a fault or mistake i.e. no more exchanges for wrong size ordered or changed mind. Having said this, there is a sizing table on every T Shirt product page that sets out exact measurements for both width and length of the various sizes. So, if you have a T Shirt at home that you like and a ruler nearby, you should be able to work out your size. Also, AS Colour is a relatively well known brand, especially here in the Australian market, so many of you would already know your size for that brand.

Exciting times ahead. Happy Browsing!

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