FREE Lucky Dip T Shirts

FREE Lucky Dip T Shirts

Our stocks of Lucky Dip T Shirts could do with some thinning. Lucky YOU.

Order any REMO T Shirt this week (from now until Monday 16 October) and we'll throw in a FREE Lucky Dip T Shirt in the same size. No need to use a code. We will track your orders.

Browse our extensive range of designs for men and women HERE

Lucky Dip T Shirts are ever-so-slightly imperfect ... or maybe there's nothing at all wrong, and the T Shirt was just returned for another size. For whatever reason, some T Shirts are not precisely as they should be; and that's why you can buy them from us online at sharply reduced prices.

It's a Lucky Dip!

Lucky Dip T Shirts for Men HERE & Women HERE


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