Collection: Laurie Rosenwald | New York


Laurie Rosenwald is a painter, author, and the principal of rosenworld, a design and animation studio. She divides her time between Sweden and her native New York. Laurie graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in painting. She has won "all the usual awards" and worked for a bewildering range of corporations and publications. She has also authored and illustrated a number of books (our favourite All the Wrong People Have Self-Esteem, Bloomsbury), and runs a unique creativity workshop called "How to Make Mistakes on Purpose” (teaser video HERE) which has been hosted by corporations and educational institutions throughout the world. The details of this workshop remain a mystery, as participants are sworn to Omertà, the Mafia code of silence. With the publication in 2021 by Hachette of the book How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: Bring Chaos to Your Order, these secrets are at last revealed. Finally, Laurie once appeared in the pivotal role of 'Woman' on The Sopranos (Season Five, Episode One) ... a role she was born to play.

Laurie’s motto: “No job too big, no job too small, no job too medium.”


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