Unique Reward for YOU

 Dear CustOMER,

There's marketing ... and there's honesty. Today's email is very much about the latter.

We need your help with the establishment of our new website. It's a pretty young thing, but it needs love, plenty of newly referred customers (your facebook friends perhaps) ... and, to be frank, a lot more orders. We're hoping you'll oblige TODAY ... and, to that end, we've come up with a totally unique reward.

Behold the REMO "Very Special CustOMER" keyring ... not for sale at any price, but FREE with your next order over A$100.

Until stocks last ... or until the end of March, whatever comes sooner.

So, in summary, what we're asking you to do is this: put in a $100 order as soon as you can, even if you feel that you might be stockpiling a few gifts for use later in the year.

Then flash your VSC keyring shamelessly. The right people will know what it means.