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Bondi gets kind of crazy at this time of year. The perfect storm combo platter of returning expats and tourists ... all mixed in with locals on their annual break make for a dense and interesting mix on or near the beach.

You don't need to live in Bondi to feel a little bit of its spirit inside you. Below is a selection of the merchandise that celebrates our home in Bondi. Enter the checkout code BONDI30 to have 50% taken off the price of any of our Bondi related merchandise in your shopping cart. Offer ends 31 December 2019.

Bondi related merchandise HERE

REMO Head Bondi

REMO Head Bondi T Shirts for Men HERE

Bondi Local T Shirt for Women

Bondi Local T Shirt for Women HERE

Bondi Notebook

Bondi Notebook HERE

2026 Loud & Proud

2026 T Shirt for Men HERE

Bondi Swimming Cap

Bondi Swimming Cap HERE

Live in Bondi Tote Bags

Live in Bondi Tote Bags HERE

Waffleweave Travel Towel

Bondi Waffleweave Travel Towel HERE

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