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The 2020 version of our Tempus Fugit A1 Wallplanner is available NOW. We are sending them to CustOMERs all over the world from our garage in Bondi.

Order yours HERE

First published in 1991 and still going strong ... except for the years that it wasn't. The new and improved 2020 version covers the 60 weeks that run from Monday 9 December 2019 to Sunday 31 January 2021.

This "Tempus Fugit" (look it up) wallplanner was originally developed as an in-house organisational tool for the REMO development team back in 1991 (a busy year which involved the launch of many new departments, numerous branded products, a communications cafe, and a very dense catalogue).

A wallplanner is a truly magical organisational tool. It is strangely soothing (is it not?) to get all of your special events, tasks and deadlines up there on a wall. Crossing out the boxes becomes a daily ritual and treat.

Our wallplanner has always been a weekly planner (rather than a monthly planner) for reasons of accuracy, divisibility and flexibility. "8 weeks to go!!@#$!" is the same whatever time of year it is; whereas months vary in length. Also, seeing it all laid out ahead (and in weekly chunks) enables one to better envision and anticipate the passage of time.

Tempus Fugit also tells you, in its own cryptic way: what the moon's doing, what holiday it might be, and various other bits and pieces of cosmological or nationalistic information. (FYI ... the flags signify the national days for all of the countries in which we have registered CustOMERs.)

Note too that we've thrown in (at no extra cost) October/November/December 2018 and January 2020. This means that you can start using your Tempus Fugit WallPlanner straight away, and you've got a brief moratorium period to get your replacement planner ordered come the end of 2019.

Printed on 200gsm White Satin
Dimensions: 891mm x 594mm = A1

Individually rolled within plain cardboard tubes, Tempus Fugit becomes the perfect business gift for: coworkers, clients, customers, etc.

NB: Wallplanners are mailed separately, and may arrive before or after the rest of your order.

Order your 2020 Tempus Fugit Wallplanners HERE

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