General Thinker & TED Book Club

General Thinker & TED Book Club

In late 2014 Remo published a book about his life as an entrepreneur and brand builder. This visual memoir of interwoven stories examines the experiences – both great successes and brilliant failures – that have guided and shaped him along the way. It’s a book about work. It’s a book about love. It’s about him, but also about all of us.

Here's the Table of Contents thumb-nailing the 90 chapters.

General Thinker Table of Contents

In early 2015 the book was selected for the TED Book Club and sent to all of its members. That was a great honour.

General Thinker & TED Book Club

People love the book. Read some high profile testimonials HERE.

Maybe you already have a copy. If not, order the book between now and next Monday 8 August to receive it signed. Order General Thinker HERE.


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