Mosquito Coils

Mosquito Coils

Greetings from the Hawkesbury River where we are enjoying some down time before resuming our regular fulfilment and delivery service next week.

It's summer in Australia and there's mozzies about. Coils to the rescue!

We used to sell lots of these in our Sydney General Store. We sold them to people who needed to repel mosquitos; and also to people who just liked to have them around.

Most are made in China and they typically carry brand names like: White Crane, Pug Cat, Zebra Brand or Cock Brand.

This (verbatim) from the bottom of a Pug Cat box:

"This article is made of choisest [sic] materials from all kinds of wood powder and spices. The possess fragrant smell and the strong effect of repelling mosquitos, with sanitary effects, and make air be pure and fresh. Harmless to human bodies and livestocks. Each coil burns for 8 hours. Superior quality."

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