R#06 | Big Faces

R#06 | Big Faces

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Dear CustOMER,

This week we'd like you to meet another young artist and REMO design collaborator, also recently graduated from the National Art School in Sydney.

Camille Olsen-Ormandy hails from an esteemed line of Australian artists, but has developed a style of painting and portraiture that’s very much her own. We approached Camille (as it happens a school friend of our own artist son Roman) about a series of blurry faces that she painted on calico for her graduation show last November. We had thought to present them at the normal REMO size on the front of a range of t shirts, and other merchandise. However, she had the idea to go BIG with these faces.

Go BIG, or go home ... says Camille. And why not? Check out her work below or HERE.

Camille was also very particular (and rightly so) about the colours upon which each face could be printed; so we spent a very pleasant hour or so hunched over a computer in our North Bondi kitchen, matching colours to faces. It was a fun thing to do.

This week we are also excited to announce our collaboration with Sydney-based Dan Christie Designs to drive an upgrade of our website over the next month or so. With over 10 years of experience as an independent boutique website development agency and a part of the Shopify Experts Marketplace, Dan & Co bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Together, we aim to create a website that is fresher, cleaner, more responsive, and visually stunning. We cannot wait to see the results of this collaboration, and we look forward to building a lasting partnership with Dan Christie Designs.

In other merchandise news we have added to our range of enamel mugs, and that range is now very extensive. Examples below and you can browse all enamel mugs HERE.

This week's REMO Stories are a mixed bag: Slinky Toy (the invention of which was accidental), Hollywood Sign (100 years old this year, started life as a real estate promotion) and The Caganer (trigger alert for the scataphobic). Browse stories HERE.

Finally, stay tuned next week for some exciting Bondi news. Hint: Do you get BO?


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