R#07 | Moroccan Sign Designs

R#07 | Moroccan Sign Designs

This week we travel to Morocco ... and then back again to Bondi.

Melanie and I were recently in Marseille, and that's where we stumbled across a wonderful range of tin signs in a Moroccan market. The signs, hand painted in a naive vernacular style, depict various professions with French and Arabic captions. Very appealing.

Back here in Bondi I set about trying to locate the source of that artwork so that we could licence some of the designs for application on our T Shirts. Great vocational gifts. We eventually managed to connect with Anas Mamad, and he has been a delight to work with.

Anas has been painting these signs since 2018. He is one of only three people doing it professionally in all of Morocco. He specialises in customised signs for people, brand logos and such. I asked him if he had a special message for REMO CustOMERs:

"When I first start this project, I didn't care about money, I just wanted to make something that will make my clients happy locally and globally. I'm still learning more and more about life because it will always hide some good things in it."

As well as providing REMO with designs, Anas would be happy to supply any of you with actual signs, and for that you could deal directly with him via his new Instagram account HERE. Only 24 followers so far. So, let's give him a boost!

In other big news, Bondi Observer has just returned to serve after a five and a half year hiatus. Bondi Observer is the fancy new name for Bondi Fresh Daily, the blog that Melanie and I founded back in 2015. Melanie has been beavering away for months, transferring all of the archival Tumblr content onto the new platform. The purpose of Bondi Observer is to feature and celebrate the people, history and cultural diversity of Bondi, with a particular focus on the beach. Melanie is the Managing Editor, leaving me to deal with: partnerships, branding and tech. On the branding front, we’re pleased with the logo, and extra happy with the mailing list call to action tagline: Do you get BO? If not, you should … HERE.


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