R#08 | Bondi Observer

R#08 | Bondi Observer

Getting in good with wifey this week by actually leading with the recent (re)launch of Bondi Observer, of which she is co-founder and managing editor. This blog was actually born as "Bondi Fresh Daily" back in 2015, and came about due to the fact that we walk with the dog along the promenade to the pool just about every morning, coming across all manner of things, people and events on the way there. Examples HERE.

The purpose of Bondi Observer is to feature and celebrate the people, history and cultural diversity of Bondi with a particular focus on the beach.

Do you get BO? If not, and you have an interest in the flotsam and jetsam of Bondi, scan the QR code or sign up HERE to receive fresh posts via email.

On the REMO front, the focus as been REMORANDOM, and it's been an eventful week:

1. Shooting the video that we'll be using for the looming Kickstarter campaign.
2. Receiving samples of the subscriber lapel pin and keyring. Gorgeous!
3. Ordering sample RR Merchandise
4. Finalising spreads layout for the book with longtime designer Aivi. Also gorgeous!

Finally, some encouraging news on the Stripey Things front. Our knitter in Melbourne has found a new source of yarn that we may be able to use in the development a next generation version. In a previous newsletter HERE we told you that we had lost our local source of dyed yarn, putting the iconic product in jeopardy. Meanwhile, we are selling lots of the Organic Australian version, and we are down to our last 158.

Here's what we have left. The last ever supply of this lovely deluxe version. Order NOW.

2XS: 10 | XS: 16 | S: 16 | M: 41 | L: 52 | XL: 15 | 2XL: 3 | 3XL: 5


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