REMO General Ideas

REMO General Ideas

Please join the new REMO General Ideas Facebook Group HERE

You haven't heard from us for a while ... but so much has been going on behind the scenes. We are working with an agency on an exciting plan to "re-awaken the sleeping beast" that is the REMO General Store. You may have already noticed that our social media presence is greater. Here's an example:


We've also been working on a plan to gradually relaunch many loved REMO branded products from the past.

So that you know what's happening as it happens we have created a new Facebook Group called REMO General Ideas.

The description says it all:

"CustOMERs are smart. This is where they gather to share inspiration, ideas, stories and opinions. The Community is the Brand."

Please join us there. It will be fun!

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… and here was me thinking the world had gone to buggery, when up pops this blast from the past. What wonderful news that you’re still/again around and active.

Anna Logan

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