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We'd like you to meet a new member of the REMO brand family ... more sibling than offspring, and more about ideas than things.

REMORANDOM is a community sourced curation of Everything Interesting; a selection of ideas, stories and observations designed to inform and entertain.

Sound interesting? Check it out HERE and signup if you'd like to receive your periodic dose of REMORANDOM ~ Everything Interesting.

While we have your attention ... here's the back story:

REMO founder Remo Giuffré so enjoyed the process of writing his 2014 book General Thinker, that he’s decided to use the template developed for that book to write, design and document content that is less personal to him and more universally INTERESTING … to himself and others: catalogues of interestingness.

Entries will accumulate on the platform, and will periodically be compiled into high quality printed journals … tangible manifestations of REMORANDOM. Collectible!

Sample stories will be posted on the website, giving folks a sense of the focus and flavour. Thereafter, as was the case with 20th Century REMO, most new ideas will be contributed by the network. The Community is the Brand.

The Search for Interesting is going to be FUN.

Sign up for Everything Interesting HERE and like/join us on facebook here & here.

We'll be sending out our first REMORANDOM email later this week, so sign up straight away if you want to be part of this new community from Day One.


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