Stock Up on Plain Paper Hardcover Notebooks at Only $10 Each

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Start 2019 with 248 clean sheets of paper! Take advantage of our remarkable offer to reduce the price of our notebooks from $24 to only $10 for the next 10 days. No need to enter any code. We've manually reduced the price. BUT ... we will be reverting to the regular price on Friday 18 January.


Order REMO A5 Notebooks HERE

NB = Nota Bene = Note Well

248 perfectly plain pages for your lists, thoughts and doodles. Section-sewn 100% recycled warm white paper from China.

Other Features

+ Plain Black Hardcover
+ Sturdy Elastic Closure
+ Ribbon Marker
+ Perforated Back Pages
+ NEW Handy Printed Ruler
+ Back Cover Pocket

Dimensions: 210mm tall x 148mm wide x 16mm thick


PS: Ask us about a customised version for your organisation or event. Minimum quantity 500.

NOTA BENE name plate up front

Handy printed ruler on the inside back flysheet

Remo uses his NOTA BENE note book every day!


Order REMO A5 Notebooks HERE

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