Then & Now: Happy Holidays 2021

Then & Now: Happy Holidays 2021

We're winding up for the year. It's been a challenging and yet ultimately rewarding one for REMO, having both repatriated the making of our T Shirts and Stripey Things to Australia AND managing to source 100% organic cotton yarn with which to knit the fabrics. It was a big move that paid off. Thanks for coming along for the ride. We also got to launch Melanie's big idea, the Colour Coded Sheet Sets. Finally!

Last night we gathered Tiny Team REMO for 2021 and paid homage to a 30 year REMO Scrabble photo from 1991. See below. We still have the letters, and they put in an appearance around our Christmas "tree". Different scale. Same spirit.

The team are taking a break, and will start sending out orders again on Monday 10 January. Meanwhile, and if you're still stuck for gift ideas, there's always REMO Dollar Gift Vouchers to fall back on. Order them HERE.

Happy Holidays from Remo, Melanie and the Team

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