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Serial founder Remo Giuffré (REMO General Store, General Thinking and TEDxSydney) has taken his skills as a merchant and communicator and applied them with trademark candour to his own life as an entrepreneur and brand builder. This visual memoir of 90 interwoven stories examines the experiences, both great successes and brilliant failures, that have guided and shaped him along the way. It's a book about work. It's a book about love. It's about him, but also about all of us.

General Thinker was selected for distribution to members of the TED Book Club in February 2015.

General Thinker | TED Book Club, February 2015


Some Praise for General Thinker

Remo is a fearless changemaker. He inspires us with tales of building community, and the empowerment that comes from joyful engagement and persistence. This is a book for dreamers, thinkers and doers.
Chris Anderson, TED Curator

The only word for this book is generous. A play by play, a tour of one man's journey, a travelogue of what it is to live an interesting life.
Seth Godin, Author, The Icarus Deception

About time! The one book I'll be giving my family and friends this year ... a book full of happiness, inspiration and joy.
Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

This book makes me feel better. It's about ideas, growth, love, business, Bondi, eternity, self-belief and getting away with it. The world needs more Remos. I shall recommend people take one RemoGram a day, for slow but gradual improvement.
Jill Dupleix, Food Writer

I know and love Remo from the early years of TED. In this book he captures, in his idiosyncratic, mercantile way, the spirit of his interesting work and life.
Richard Saul Wurman, Founder of TED

There is no one on earth like Remo. A visionary. A lover of life. A champion of possibility and ideas and design. Humor and humanism hand in hand. Bravo Remo's life.
Maira Kalman, Author, Artist & Designer

Remo and I met more than 20 years ago at TED4 in Kobe, and have stayed in touch. He uses my typefaces as the visual voice for many of his businesses. So he clearly has good taste in design.
Erik Spiekermann, Typographer & Designer

I am amazed there is a book big enough to capture the thinking and ideas at the essence of Remo Giuffré. He bubbles over with fresh insight and understanding - and is loved and treasured everywhere as a result.
Mark Scott, Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Remo is a bloke who has good ideas and makes them happen. A book by Remo is like everything else Remo: stylish, thoughtful and distinctive.
Julian Morrow, The Chaser

Remo is the most un-normal normal guy I know.
Stefan Sagmeister, Designer

If Remo writes it, I read it. He's a one off - never anything less than both entertaining and thought provoking.
Nigel Marsh, CEO & Author

Remo makes the impossible happen. Read this book to find out the why, what and how of Remo's world.
Roy Green, Dean, UTS Business School

Remo is the trifecta of cool, the embodiment of a true pioneer, and the best person imaginable to pave the way for Australian authors to give self publishing a go.
Eileen Gittins, Founder & CEO, Blurb, Inc.

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