CustOMER Privacy is vitally important to us.

Here are a few general points of principle that we'd like to make clear:

+ Personal Information Does Not Travel Outside REMO World

We regard the relationship between REMO and CustOMER to be absolutely private and sacred. For this reason we would never share, rent, sell or divulge your personal information to any individual or organisation outside REMO.

+ Community Involvement is Voluntary

The true essence of REMO is the collective intelligence and passion of its CustOMERs. The feeling is that the exclusive access to a global community of like-minded people will be as valuable to any member of that community as access to the portfolio of merchandise around which that community has gathered and focused. Therefore, the more that you publicly contribute (in terms of ideas, thoughts & opinions) using your Facebook Profile ~ the more that everyone in the community benefits. Having said this, we also respect that many of you will prefer to remain anonymous. (Hey, some people just want to buy the merchandise.) And that's fine too :)

+ Your REMO Account

The information we keep for and about you in the backend our new system is currently very basic i.e. name, email address, delivery addresses & order history. In contrast to our previous website, there is currently no public profile of you on the REMO website. 

+ Our Mailing List

We send weekly emails to CustOMERs all over the world. Sometimes there's news to deliver; sometimes there's inspiration to share; sometimes there's a deal on offer ... and sometimes it's just to chat. Most people find them interesting ... and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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