Art Mystery to Solve

Posted by Remo Giuffre on

When the big physical REMO store closed in 1996 there were two original pieces of Martin Sharp's Eternity at REMO owned personally by Remo that were looking to find a home. Martin, with some help from cousin Russell Sharp, ended up with the actual 5m wide Eternity mural, and Remo ended up retaining the small hand painted version that you see circled in red in this image from 2007. This mini original was used to create the screens for this Eternity at REMO T Shirt design. It is painted on white card with a hand written: Please return to Martin Sharp and a phone number. Remo and family have travelled with this piece of art from apartment to apartment in Sydney, Silicon Valley & New York; and only recently noticed that it had gone missing. This is a mystery! Can you help us solve it? Have you seen it around?

If so ... let us know HERE

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