Butcher Shop Cafe

Butcher Shop Cafe

We were cleaning up the copy on some of our designs yesterday (so far we're up to the C's) ... and we came across the design we did for the Butcher Shop Café in Mudgee back in 2004. Browse that design in all of its merchandise manifestations HERE.

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We wanted to check that it was still trading, and so called the number. We spoke to the owner James O'Neill, and we had a good chat and a catch up.

Butcher Shop Cafe in Mudgee: Still Going Strong

James orders from us in batches at reduced prices and on-sells to his customers in the cafe. He also orders for his staff. (He'll be happy that we do them in black now ... much more practical in a kitchen.) So, yesterday we gave him his new checkout code, so that he could pick up where he left off 4 years ago. The ordering is self service.

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Although very focused on retail i.e. YOU ... we do sometimes wholesale to like minded brands and businesses. Learn more about our Custom & Corporate Service HERE.

If you have a brand or a business that would like to celebrate the gorgeousness of its visual identity via manifestation on a REMO T Shirt, do let us know. Be in touch HERE.

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