Clover Moore Independent

Clover Moore Independent

On Saturday night I attended a dinner to support the re-election campaign for Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney. Clover became a  Member of the NSW Parliament in 1988, the same year that REMO General Store was born in Darlinghurst. Her office was just up the road on Oxford Street ... and so we've been connected for a very long time. There are also a couple of TEDxSydney curators on her independent ticket: Jess Scully & Jess Miller. Go the Jesses!

It was a fun night. Happy snap below.

REMO donated a hamper for the raffle. It contained: Eternity T Shirt, Organ Locator on White, REMO Head Canvas Tote, 10th Street Baths Notebook, Perkins Paste Notebook, signed copy of General Thinker, Ginger Candies, REMO Gift Wrap, Serendipity Pack, a full set of REMO Badges ... along with a R$100 Gift Voucher. Wow!

REMO Hamper for Clover

See anything you fancy? Start shopping HERE.
  Random TEDxSydney Colleagues

 Members of the TEDxSydney team yukking it up at the Clover dinner

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