Guru Adrian

Guru Adrian

In collaboration with longtime friend and CustOMER David Art Wales and his New York based Ministry of Culture, we are thrilled today to be able to (re)introduce you to Guru Adrian.

Q: Who Is Guru Adrian?
A: To most followers, he’s The Guru You Have When You're Not Having A Guru. In Asia he's The God of Fun. In Europe, The Guru of No Age Consciousness.  

Q: How old is Guru Adrian?
A: Around 300 years ago, at age seven, Adrian Speshelperson discovered the Secret of Eternal Youth with his Junior Science Kit, and has not aged a day since. 

Q: Is He Man, Boy or Spirit?
A: Indeed, he is. 

Q: Is Guru Adrian Real?
A: Nothing is Real and Nothing is Free. Appreciating Nothing is one of the foundations of Adrianetics. 

Q: What Is Adrianetics?
A: Adrian's revolutionary Philosophy of Fun. The Uninitiated cling to unhappiness created by their past. The Fun-initiated let go, knowing that Any Situation's A Potentially Fun Situation. Adrianetics is the secret to living a Funfulfilled life.

Q: What Makes Adrianists Different From Normal Folk?
A: Adrianists see life with a child-like freshness, not through eyes grown stale from routine. By embracing Adrianetics, they avoid becoming Groan Adults. 

Q: How Do Adrian's Teachings Compare to Those of Other Prophets?
A: Comparing the Guru to other prophets is like comparing oranges to oranges: One's a fruit and one's a color. 

Q: How Do I Become An Adrianist and Start Having Fun?
A: As soon as you think you may be an Adrianist you are an Adrianist and should behave accordingly.

Q: But Why Fun?
A: Fun is the highest state of existence.  As Adrian says: Having Fun Is Half The Fun.

Q: If Having Fun Is Half the Fun, What's the Other Half?
A: Giving Fun.

Q: How Do I Begin Having and Giving Fun?
A: By studying this site and gaining a practical knowledge of Adrianism you are already on the Path To Eternal Fun. Giving a Guru Adrian T shirt helps too. 

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