Introducing Lucky Dip REMO T Shirts

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Introducing our Lucky Dip T Shirts for Men  or for Women at $25 each.

Sometimes the transfer is not quite straight ...  or a bit of fluff sneaks its way under there ... or there's a tiny mark on the T Shirt ... or in the case documented by this text exchange, the word SPLEEN is upside down. Collector's Item?

The Making of a Lucky Dip T Shirt

Or maybe there's nothing at all wrong, and the T Shirt was just returned by a CustOMER for another size.

For whatever reason, some T Shirts are not precisely as they should be; and that's why you can buy them from us online at sharply reduced prices.

You choose the size and colour and we'll pick the design.

It's a Lucky Dip!

Lucky Dip T Shirts for Men HERE & Women HERE

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