REMO is 28 Today. It's our birthday, but YOU get the present!

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Today is our 28th birthday!

On Monday 10 October 1988 (28 years ago to the day) we opened the doors to the original REMO General Store in Darlinghurst.

To celebrate this significant occasion we will include a free REMO Head Bondi Tote Bag with every order placed before Midnight AEST on Tuesday 11 October ... giving you Northern Hemisphereans some time to catch up to our time zone.

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REMO General Store (Oxford & Crown Streets) in 1995

The REMO Head logo signals our birthday in this year's Tempus Fugit

Order our wallplanner HERE ... or our new wall calendar HERE

REMO Head Bondi Tote Bag free with all orders placed today or tomorrow

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