Smart Customers & Geeky Dad Designs

Smart Customers & Geeky Dad Designs

CustOMERs are smart. We're a big believer in your intelligence. Yes you!

That's why it's never necessary, as far as we're concerned, for everyone to understand every design. The ones that get it will make it worthwhile.

Smart CustOMERs

Fathers Day is fast approaching. If you order today or tomorrow you can have your purchases by the weekend.

We've already pointed you to our Fathers Day 2016 selection of designs ... so here's something a bit different.

Your smart and geeky dads will appreciate these Geeky Designs for Fathers: E=mc2, Periodic Re Mo, E=hf, Body Tag, Einstein, Dvorak, Bread Tag & Heisenberg.

Geeky Designs for Dad

... or maybe these: Content Provider, Genetics, Pi, Cuisenaire Rods, Broken Image, Atari Golf Guy, Organ Locator & Always On.

More Geeky Designs for Dad

Browse all of those designs on our website HERE ... and don't forget to use the free notebook discount code FD16NB in the shopping cart if your order totals over $50.

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