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This beautiful big REMO Smile design has an interesting pedigree.

Smile T Shirt for Women

Smile T Shirts for Women HERE

It was originally lifted from a tube of Italian Kemphor toothpaste by good friend and longtime collaborator Tucker Viemeister in New York.

Tucker and his Toothpaste Collection

As an aside ... Tucker’s bathroom boasts a FABULOUS global toothpaste collection that is truly something to behold. A wall of toothpaste tubes, all functional, all easily removed and replaced. Brush your teeth with something different everyday. Genius.

Remo featured Tucker and his toothpaste collection in his book General Thinker.

Tucker in the General Thinker Table of Contents

Signed copies of General Thinker available HERE.

And here is a selection of our Smile merchandise:

Smile T Shirt for Men on Black

Smile T Shirts for Men HERE

Smile Tote Bags

Smile Tote Bags HERE

Smile Notebooks

Smile Notebooks HERE

Or view all of our Smile merchandise in the same place HERE.


Finally, here are some smiley snaps from the past to cheer up your inbox:

Big Smile 1995

Big Smiling REMO People in 1995. At this time our operations team worked out of Melbourne. So this photoshopped treatment was the only way to get everyone in the image. That's me (Remo) wearing the white pants on the upper lip.

Smile at REMO Crown Street Window in 1995

Smile at REMO | Crown Street Window | October 1995

Smile Poster at Home in Bondi | Browse Poster Set HERE

Smile Poster at Home in Bondi | Browse Poster Set HERE

Smile in Bondi

Schlepping the Big Smile with Annette at the Bondi Road Store in 2009

Smile at Lola's 21st

Giving Big Smile an airing at our daughter Lola's 21st earlier this year at the Bondi Pavilion

Smile design HERE. Browse all REMO Designs HERE.


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