Strong (Not) Silent Type

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We received these great REMO in the Wild shots of our Strong Silent Type T Shirt design from Sydney CustOMER Janna Adams Tess.

Strong (Not) Silent Type

Janna runs a dyeing art camp at Sydney Grammar School (Edgecliff Prep) ... and one of the boys brought in a REMO T Shirt from his Dad's drawer.

The design is called Strong Silent Type ... and it would have been originally printed with white vinyl letters on a white background. Like this:

Strong Silent Type on White

The gorgeous craze of dyed colour has attacked the background, but not the letters; and this has had the effect of creating some decidedly NOT-silent type.

Artist with Assistant Nick Palmer

Art Assistant Nick Palmer with the Strong (Not) Silent Type T Shirt


Order your next generation Strong Silent Type T Shirt HERE ... now also available on black.

Strong Silent Type on Black


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