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Posted by Remo Giuffre on

Welcome to our other coffee-related best seller.

The Takeout Coffee design is a hand drawn montage borrowing the best bits from a number of New York's ubiquitous take-out coffee cups ... "It is our pleasure to serve you."

Takeout Coffee T Shirts for Men 

It was included with the launch range of designs for REMO in 1988.

A true icon to The Metropolis, this cup is gazed upon by millions of sleepy New Yorkers (and detectives on stake outs) as they read their papers and munch on their bagels. A familiar and intimate image for bankers and hustlers alike. A great leveller.

Takeout Coffee design merchandise HERE.

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  • I am with you Susan. I love my ceramic mug and definitely think Remo should bring it back. Hint hint Remo ?

    Terri on
  • I still wear my long sleeve T, but unfortunately the ceramic cup I bought has been lost, although I still have the box it came in!! Any chance you have discovered a cup in the back of the bondi garage?

    susan on

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