Collection: Waltzing Matildas | 2023


We weren't planning to jump on the Matildas bandwagon … that is until we stumbled across a letterpress poster bearing this design while walking home from our morning sauna and swim at the Bondi Icebergs Pool on the morning of the FIFA Women's World Cup Semi-Final against England. Melanie shot it for the day's Bondi Observer email, and I sent a quick email to Matt Tilbury at The Tilbury Press. As it happens he was in the ocean and swimming the bay, but he did manage to send us a better photo of his baby, which we sent to Aivi our designer, along with a pleading note for her to find 30 minutes to clean it up to make it design-ready. And here it is. Go the Matildas!

Matt Tilbury is a master printer and designer who's dedicated to the traditional art of letterpress printing. It's a craft that's changed little in over 500 years, since the dawn of printing. From his Sydney studio perched above the cliffs of Bondi, Matt utilises a large collection of wood and metal fonts to create beautiful typographic art.

Check out his work at The Tilbury Press or on Instagram @bondipress