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REMO was founded as a General Storre in Sydney in 1988 and traded famously (can we say that?) for 8 years from the corner of Oxford and Crown Streets in Darlinghurst, serving and delighting a global network of CustOMERs in 104 countries; celebrating quality and passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world.

From Day One our focus was on high quality functional merchandise that manifested an authentic story.

Here is the logo:

… eerily familiar to some of you we're sure.

We generated a lot of marketplace heat in the early 90s, and grew to be a sizeable local business with a global reputation.

For the curious, HERE is some recently recovered footage of the General Store from 1993 ... touring through all 3 floors and the back office! Gold.

REMO was justifiably extra famous for its mail order catalogues. They won lots of international awards. People LOVED and collected them; and venerable pundit Herschell Gordon Lewis at US Catalog Age voted them "Best in the World" in 1993.

In 1992 Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of TED, invited me to the 1993 TED Conference in Kobe, Japan as his guest, on the condition that I come armed with 800 of our catalogues to gift to all attending "TEDsters." That triggered a now 30+ year relationship between REMO/Remo and TED that resulted in my founding and growing TEDxSydney into Australia's leading ideas forum and the world's gold standard for TEDx events.

In 2023 we will be returning REMO to print … but this time it will be different. They will be catalogues, not of products, but rather “catalogues of interesting.”

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That's all from us. We hope that you've enjoyed our REMO General Story.

Remo Giuffré

Founder, REMO Since 1988
North Bondi, Australia


PS: If you're interested in more REMO history (including some of the early twists & turns) browse this flickr slideshow:

REMO General Store | Quality & Passion Since 1988

And for even more background check out General Thinker, a book that chronicles the history of REMO in the context of the struggles that are inherent in the living the creative life of an entrepreneur.