Stripey Things Development Story

Stripey Things Development Story

Next to our T Shirts, Stripey Things have long been the single most popular item available at REMO.

Their perennial appeal is not all that surprising. In fact, stripey jerseys in one shape or another have been around for a very long time. Lots of navies use the classic "navy" & white boatneck as part of their uniform. (Russia springs to mind.) Also, clusters of French guys in smoky Paris cafes like to hang out in Stripey Things brooding endlessly over boiled eggs and small glasses of Ricard.

The material used in our Stripey Thing is a 100% spun and combed cotton rugby weight yarn. It's ever so slightly lighter than before for wearing all year round.

The yarns have been dyed especially for us: brightest white & inky dark navy. The fabric has been knitted to our precise and time-honoured "stripe ratio" specifications and (once again) especially for us.

Here's an archival shot from 1989 with our then apparel developer Katerina working out the special REMO ratio with her husband Hugh.

Proper boat neck (but not too wide); long sleeves & just below hip length.

CustOMERs love  them.

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