Collection: Sticky Note Pads

The pads are great ... small enough to fit all pockets and purses ... and they deliver the ability to communicate with wit and wisdom in all sorts of situations.

Here are just a handful of the places where you will likely find REMO Sticky Notes:

+ On Windscreen:
Parking meter not taking my money!

+ In Fridge:
Please don't eat this!

+ Outside Front Door:
Must have just missed you!

+ Inside Front Door:
Leave key for handyman

+ At Box Office:
Your ticket is here. See you at interval.

+ On Blocked Toilet:
Don't Use

+ On Airline Blanket:
Wake me for ice cream ... but not for fruit.

+ On Frostbitten Foot:
This one

+ On Good Foot:
NOT this one

+ On Pillow:
Thanks for last night! You looked so peaceful; I didn't want to wake you. See you at the office. P.S: Mum's the word.

Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm