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Remo Giuffré is a creative strategist, curator and connector with a long track record as an entrepreneur, retail merchant and brand builder. As well as founding REMO in 1988, he also co-founded the General Thinking network in 2001, TEDxSydney in 2009, and Bondi Observer in 2015.

When he launched REMO in 1988, his mother's reaction was questioning: "Darling, you've got three degrees and you're opening a shop. Please help me understand." 35 years later, and despite some ups, downs and significant side-trips, the REMO fire still burns. Unfinished business.

Optimism drives him. Believing that his best work lies AHEAD keeps him young and foolish.

In 2014 Remo published General Thinker, a visual memoir of interwoven stories that have guided and shaped his entrepreneurial journey to date.

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