The world is full of interesting, and the time is now for a book series that celebrates that.

Twice a year, in October and May, a newly released REMORANDOM will feature 90 snack-sized stories, ideas and observations designed to inform, entertain and inspire. The content is a curated mix, drawing on a diverse range of topics: culture, design, history, ideas, nature, people, science and things. Uncommon knowledge. Everything interesting. Collectible. The perfect gift.


Some Early Praise for REMORANDOM

The early feedback is great. Check out the 5-star reviews on the RR#1 page HERE.

And check out some of the media reaction to REMORANDOM HERE.

And here's what a few cultural big shots have had to say:

“What do a smiley face, a safety pin, a free hug and VELCRO® have in common? Not much to most of the world, unless you happen to live inside the amazing brain of Remo Giuffré, whose eyes clock the world unlike anyone else. Once you begin to absorb the stuff inside this book, you’ll understand it speaks volumes not only about our culture but also about the joyful optimistic humanity of its curious, enthusiastic and eccentric author. REMORANDOM is a surprise ball filled with treats inside that will make you smile.”

Kim Hastreiter, Co-Founder, PAPER Magazine, New York

"I’m not quite sure how to describe this book, other than to say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and exhilarating. Author Remo Giuffré describes it as “a printed curation of snack-sized facts” for a “global community of curious readers” and hey, isn’t that you? So we learn a little about the Adirondack chair (it’s my favourite outdoor chair, so he had me at hello there), the cornicello (a classic Neapolitan good luck charm) and Swiss railway clocks, which are gorgeous."

Caroline Overington, Literary Editor, The Australian

"REMORANDOM is full of wonderful!!!! Who needs fake news and AI when we’ve got the real thing right here. A tonic for our times.”

Steven Heller, Co-Chair, SVA MFA Design, New York


Community Development

In thinking about REMORANDOM, we’ve been inspired by the shared rituals that people crave, and the sense of belonging to a community where the only agenda is a common curiosity and an appreciation for unique, interesting and uncommon knowledge.

And ... where do the ideas come from? Well, as it was with REMO merchandise back in the days of the General Store, most of the early ideas have come out of our founder Remo Giuffré's head; but we predict that by issue 3 or 4 of REMORANDOM the majority of the ideas will be sourced from (and credited to) one of our readers, maybe even YOU.

REMORANDOM will become a community-sourced curation of everything interesting, and a Global Community of CuRRious.

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Remo Promotes REMORANDOM on Studio 10