Bon Voyage Lola

Bon Voyage Lola

Our daughter Lola is moving to the Netherlands tomorrow to study for a Masters degree at TU Delft. Back here in Bondi, we got busy today helping her pack and run various errands: shoe repairs, redeeming gift certificates before they expired, last minute travel insurance, getting certified copies of things, prescriptions filled, etc.

We also put together a bit of a REMO care pack for her that included a REMO Head Bondi Messenger Tote, a Waffleweave Travel Towel and a Year of the Pig Notebook.

She would be so disappointed in us if we didn't use her looming departure from our fair shores as a way to flog some REMO merchandise ;)

Bon Voyage Lola. We will miss you!

Lola with REMO Head Bondi Messenger Tote

Lola with her REMO Head Bondi Messenger Tote

Year of the Pig Notebook

Year of the Pig Notebook for Lola who was born in 1995 (Chinese Year of the Pig)

More REMO Notebooks

More REMO Notebooks ... and a small black dog

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